Gabon Must see-Must Do  

1: Scenic walk
Walk the winding route from Libreville to the beach of Cap Esterias, where the rocks abound with sea urchins, oysters and lobsters: on the way, pass through a forest of giant trees. This is a good place to swim.
2: M'Bigou
The villages of M'Bigou and Eteke are famous for their local crafts and gold mines and are well worth a visit.
3: Cathedral of St Michael
The Cathedral of St Michael in Libreville is famous because of its 31 unusual wooden columns which were carved by a blind Gabonese craftsman; each of the columns depicts a Biblical scene.
4: Loango National Park
This is a popular tourists spot. It is home to a vast collection of wildlife in Gabon. Wildlife-admirers commonly get engrossed viewing the huge and diverse concentration of wild mammals here. The present land mammals include huge elephants roaming along the sandy beaches and various species of whales and dolphins in the waters.
5: Lambarene
Visit Lambarene, the town made famous by Doctor Albert Schweitzer, the tropical disease specialist & musician. Schweitzer Hospital is open to visitors as part of it has been made into a museum. A tour on Evaro Lake can be organised.
6: Reserve de la Lope
A place where time has stood still. This is what central African looked like centuries ago. Possibility of seeing the mans closest relatives - Gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. A truly unique place.
7: Libreville
One of the most posh cities on the African continent, also one of he most expensive. However a visit would not end in disappointment as they are plenty of things on offer.
8: L'Eglise St-Michel
This is a uniquely constructed architectural church with 31 unusual wooden columns, carved by a blind Gabonese craftsman, each with a biblical outlook.
9: Mayumba
If you mention Mayumba to someone who has been there, you're likely to be met with a dreamy, faraway look. It's no wonder with endless and uninhabited beaches, whales spouting in the distance, trees full of magical spirits, and nesting sea turtles on the beach, it's not too far from eco-traveller heaven. Mayumba would be Gabon's premier beach resort if it weren't so hard to get to. Anyone who gets this far, though, will discover deserted beaches, fishing villages and friendly locals who will offer to take you on fishing trips or boat tours for a small price. It's a great place to spend a few lazy days enjoying the sun, the waves, fresh seafood, and peace and quiet.
10: Cirque de Leconi
While you are near the border with Congo, you should also check out the Cirque de Leconi, a beautiful, circular, red rock canyon. The best way to enjoy the canyon is to rent camping equipment and spend the night. The view of the canyon in the waning sunlight is unforgettable.
11: Bateke Plateau National Park
Covering 790 square miles in the southeastern part of Gabon, Bateke Plateau National Park is hard to reach but an amazing site to visit. The ancient volcanic area is full of elephants, buffalo, lions, gorillas, and other animals. Take a walk through the park and cross the large bridges that span the rivers. If you're going to make an excursion to the park, plan to spend a few days in the area.
12: Cap Esterias
For a quieter beach experience, you can travel an hour north of Libreville to the Cap Esterias, a perfect spot for water sports or plain relaxation. The route to the beach can be a bit confusing, so we recommend hiring a driver for the day to take you to the Cap Esterias.
13: Reserve de la Lope
The Reserve de la Lope is Gabon's most accessible and most popular wildlife reserve, where you're likely to see forest elephants, buffalo and a variety of primates. Recently the reserve initiated gorilla walks in an attempt to habituate the gorilla population to the presence of small groups of humans. Tours by pirogue, jeep and foot are available. The reserve is a patchwork of rolling hills, savannah and dense rainforest, and if you're lucky you'll see some of the largest mandrill troupes in the world.
14: Musee des Arts et Traditions (Libreville)
The Musee des Arts et Traditions has exhibitions on tribal crafts and culture, and a great collection of masks. Just as interesting are the folk-art sculptures on the waterfront across from the Intercontinental and, a nice walk south along the water, across from the casino.
15: Mont Bouet Market
The Mont-Bouet market is Libreville's largest, and exploring it makes for a fun day. Check out the fruit stands early in the morning, and spend the rest of the day admiring fabrics, jewelry, and other goods. One word of caution: the market (or marche, as it's called in Gabon) is a favorite place for pickpockets. Keep your belongings close to you.
16: Presidential Palace
Gawp at the sheer expenditure that is behind the construction of the Presidential Palace in Libreville; it was built in the 1970s costing US Dollar 800 million, and has Italian and Greek marble columns.
17: Go fishing
Go fishing: popular among European visitors, many of the rivers offer excellent catches. Equipment can be hired at Port Gentil. Fish abound in Gabonese rivers and lakes, but the local fishermen can find the largest variety along the coast and in the numerous lagoons located at the mouth of the Ogooue.

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